Absorb life beautiful experience, persistent humanities good
Author:adminDate:2021-01-27 15:58:59
Humanistic design is the crystallization of practicality and aesthetics
Yang Huibo, who has been engaged in interior design for more than 10 years, has participated in the Nest Award, Aite Award, sohu Home Design Competition and won awards. Years of design experience and accumulation of work, Yang Huibo constantly thinking about the meaning of design and people, design and life. Design is different from pure art, and does not copy natural things, but for the purpose of function, and to add aesthetic elements, to give people a pleasant feeling, to create a good way of life. The design concept of this concept makes Yang Huibo more open and free in the design process, and often surprises that break the convention.
Chinese and Western fusion, Shanghai style sentiment
Chinese and western blend well, blend together is different, come from this double entry villa case of Yang Huibo, give a person a kind of integral harmony, scrutinize rich experience. Modern simplicity, European and Chinese design elements are integrated in the design, which weakens the sense of age of classical design and is more amiable and in line with modern aesthetics.
In this sitting room, can you discover the household element of how many kinds of style? Aquarius railing, European soft decoration, Ming Dynasty furniture, new Chinese lamps and lanterns...... Through the control of element proportion, the Chinese and western impression that lets a sitting room has primary and secondary points, do not feel messy. And the flexible union of different elements abandoned inherent formalism, more reflected the high level that owner savours. The geometric style floor tile parquet design of the combination of dot, line and surface activates the stable and mature soft outfit atmosphere and adds a modern sense.
Chinese style always appears properly: the background wall that is rich in ink picture image, Chinese style real wood TV ark, pass color -- the unity of champagne gold, let Chinese and western element harmony co-glory.