With Us
  • Regional protection
  • 2 million samples support
  • 10 million decoration support
  • Exclusive operation within the brand area
  • Support by monthly return of sales volume
  • Flexible support policy
  • 10 million monthly rebate
  • $10 million in annual awards
  • Large board storage support
  • Preferential support for new customers' initial investment

    Better for Better

    Factory task Alexander, simple and excellent praise natural growth, no task bound

    The price transparency of conventional products is getting higher and higher, and new specifications and new product operating profits are needed


    Comes on

    The whole series of products are market trend products, product selling points and prominent, can operate the profit space is large

    The whole series of products have a certain attribute of scarcity, and the vacancy of scarce products is large

    Consumption upgrading, aesthetic iteration needs, target groups locked after 80 and 90


    Make better

    Less tail goods, less capital occupation

    The whole series of MOMOU ceramic tiles have outstanding processing performance, and even one piece can be sold as processing lines。

    The characteristic of thin brick is wall ground an organic whole, same brick can stick a wall, stick ground, hutch defends, sitting room to wait. For operators, inventory category reduction, there is no longer internal wall and floor tiles. The same inventory of funds, you can stock more patterns, with more shop paste scheme.

    The overall image of the exhibition hall is improved to drive the sales of conventional products

    The high-end features of MOMOU ceramic products are a supplement to the product series and an upgrade to the level of ceramic products dealers. Sales of other conventional products have a strong pulling effect。