The kitchen is decorated try these 3 kinds of brick, steady
Author:adminDate:2021-01-27 15:59:54
Common saying says gold hush silver defends, meaning points to a home is in whole decorate a process namely, kitchen and toilet are the place that spend money more.
Not only such, the kitchen is decorating the idea that spends in also is a lot of. In addition to the water and electricity renovation in the early stage, lots of tile laying, custom cabinetry, and various kitchen appliances in the later stage... All kinds of problems are time-consuming and troublesome, and make people's heads big.
If the decoration of the kitchen to achieve their own satisfactory effect is good, not carefully put out the urban and rural junction of both the kitchen, the heart really only envy other people's share of the home.
So, the kitchen is decorated avoid by all means cannot irritable, do a good job every step ability becomes a winner. Today, Ou Xiaonuo will come to chat with everyone, how to use ceramic tile to install a high-grade kitchen.

Classic small square bricks
As the small square brick of the classic building, as early as the 80's and 90's of the 20th century had been widely used. However as the change of later living standard, small square brick gradually faded out the line of sight of people.
Until in last few years the large scope popularization of northern Europe wind, domestic literature and art model is a bit or some individual character pursuit, some partial decoration, blew a "small square brick wind" again, have to sigh, as expected trend is reincarnation.
Especially standard white small square brick collocation black beauty seam, it is to decorate bound simply "web celebrity money". Plus its web celebrity temperament, casual collocation can make the amazing feeling that gives a person fondle fondly.