How big is the big board?
Author:adminDate:2021-01-27 16:01:21
The effect of simple atmosphere for consumers, decoration is a top priority. Ceramic tile is to use frequency is low, use time is long product. Because this is when ceramic tile of choose and buy, what consumer cares most is product quality and effect. The big marble shop, from the visual to give a person a sense of extension and expansion, make the space more open, become many hotel lobby and other advanced places of choice. In terms of product design, because the single piece has a larger area, it can carry more texture elements and enrich the details of the brick surface.
(2) less seam, easy to clean most home installation of ceramic tiles, will have encountered such a problem, too many ceramic tile gaps, too much dust, dirty, black and difficult to clean. The ceramic plate is larger in size and has fewer cracks. For example, the same decoration area, so that the number of less than the number of traditional specifications of ceramic tiles, so that the shop paste gap is less, the effect is beautiful, simple, fashion, but also to reduce the storage of dirt, more convenient cleaning and maintenance.
(3) free cutting, rich specifications designers can according to its design needs at will cut ceramic plate, after cutting, processing of ceramic tiles more design sense, to provide a wider design space for designers. Can maximal ground does not cause waste already so, can combine again much specification mix shop, can build a different style.
Ceramic plate is not exclusive to big houses and hotels. Now the big ceramic plate is not limited to the floor of the kitchen, bathroom and living room. It can be used on the wall, ceiling, cabinet and door. It can replace the environmental protection of many materials and redefine home life. One big board for multiple needs, why not?
Ceramic board can meet the needs of commercial and residential space expansion and diversified life forms of consumers. With the improvement of people's quality of life and the change of aesthetic needs, the decorative effect of large size ceramic tiles is attracting more and more attention. Below this setting, ceramic big board or will lead high-grade decorate new trend.