Big board trend → unstoppable
Author:adminDate:2021-01-27 16:01:45
In recent years, whether it is Italy Bologna Exhibition, Milan Design Week, or Guangzhou Design Week, Foshan Ceramic Fair, large board tiles are more and more popular! Large size ceramic tile: more widely used, simple atmosphere, realistic reduction of marble natural texture, less seam, avoid hiding dirt and dirt, design sense +, free cutting, rich specifications. Unique personality, more high-end decorative effect!
One, the future has come, ceramic tile board is popular all over the world
A few years ago, Apple Inc. released its disruptive iPhone 6 Plus, which impacted the mobile phone industry and even the global consumer electronics industry. The phrase "bigger than bigger" from the iPhone 6 launch is translated as "pretend bility bigger than pretend bility" in China.
In recent years, ceramic tiles have become the most eye-catching trend in the conference hall. Whether it is 1000×1000 (mm), 900×1800(mm) conventional size, or 1600×3200(mm), 1800×3200(mm) enhanced size, and even 1800×4200(mm) super size tile board, are impressive!
Six pieces of 1600×3200(mm) Caraka combined into 3200m×19800(mm) super background wall is very shocking, the marble texture is clear and natural, beautiful lines, the overall Mosaic, simple atmosphere!
Two, what is ceramic brick big board?
Ceramic board is the abbreviation of large size ceramic tiles, breaking through the existing 600×600(mm), 800×800(mm), 600×900(mm) and other conventional specifications, the birth of 1000×1000 (mm), 900×1800(mm), 1600×3200(mm), 1800×3200(mm) and other breakthrough large size ceramic tiles!
Think about it, other people's 900×1800(mm) TV background wall, with N pieces of shop paste everywhere is the gap, and your home only 1 tile, is how unique, high pretend bility? If you think again, the background wall of the hotel of 7.2m×1.28m used to be densely paved. If there are only four tiles, does it make you feel simple and inexplicable high-end and comfortable at the same time?
Three, ceramic brick big board popular 7 advantages and selling points
1, more widely used:
According to the needs of modern consumers, domestic enterprises pay more and more attention to the application space of large size ceramic tiles. From its early use as the paving and paste of interior wall and ground, to its later use as curtain wall decoration materials, it is now rapidly entering the daily home decoration such as kitchen and bathroom space and table decoration materials.
2, simple atmosphere, realistic restoration of marble natural texture:
Natural marble is generally a large size shop paste, can be realistic restoration of natural marble texture. With large specifications of ceramic tiles, can fully present the beauty of stone texture on a piece of brick, decoration out of the overall space texture pattern effect is more complete and three-dimensional, the details reflected by the brick surface is also more rich! City work is chaotic and complicated. Return to the home, return to nature contracted. As Tao Yuanming said: chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, leisurely now Nanshan, at this time the artistic conception is far away, silent win sound!
3, leave seam less, avoid hiding dirt and dirt:
Large size ceramic tile can minimize collage traces, highlight the natural texture of stone, restore the simple and generous space, and reduce the storage of dirt in ceramic tile, which is more convenient for cleaning and maintenance!
4, avoid tile flatness is not good warpage problem:
Conventional tile tile, due to the need to leave seam, construction is prone to empty drum, seam height difference, flatness is not easy to warpage and other problems, affect the appearance! Large size tiles can reduce the difficulty of manufacturing. When paving, the requirements for the flatness of the base surface are relaxed, and the impact resistance of the product can also be improved. The advantage is that it can be adapted to indoor and outdoor laying at any time. The thickness is suitable for public places and cargo loading and unloading areas, which can effectively avoid the warpage problem of poor tile flatness.
5, design sense +, free cutting, rich specifications:
The innovation of inkjet printing technology also brings new vitality to the large size tile, and the tile surface pattern is more and more colorful. To excellent stylist character, large specification ceramic tile is more like a piece of cloth, can be cut at will according to its design demand. The ceramic tile after passing cutting, processing has design feeling more, offer wider design space for stylist.
6, unique personality, things to rare for expensive:
I am who I am, a different kind of firework. Life is like a court, all kinds of people, all kinds of opponents. To meet the sunrise of every day, to continue the struggle of mankind. In the process of struggle, we are not alone, there are always different people around us every day. Isn't it exactly the design, life, space and exclusive enjoyment that Hong Kong Victoria Harbor pursues for villas and high-end residences? Man, born to win, struggle, boy!
7, save space: ceramic plate because of thin, can save space!
8, the large plate decoration effect is more high-end:
Compared with ordinary ceramic tile, ceramic plate has better decorative effect, more natural texture, and no need to leave a variety of advantages, but due to the price, construction costs, home space area requirements such as barriers, leading to the current mainly suitable for villas, high-end residential areas, commercial space and other high-end specialized! However, with the rise of the new elite class, the upgrading of Chinese consumption, and the pursuit of personalized decoration effect, large tile board and large marble tile will become one of the first choice for high-end decoration!
With the maturity of the market, large plate ceramic tiles are more and more popular, followed by the emergence of more sizes, a variety of large size, unconventional specifications of ceramic tiles continue to meet all kinds of decoration needs. Large size marble tiles: more widely used, simple atmosphere, realistic restoration of marble natural texture, less seam, avoid dirt and filth, design sense +, free cutting, rich specifications. Unique personality, rare for expensive, avoid tile flatness is not good warpage problem, decorative effect more high-end!