Is a big board really suitable for home use?
Author:adminDate:2021-01-27 16:00:47
Ceramic tile, can say is a kind of building materials with very high utilization rate in the home outfit, almost every family can be used. However this year decorate the net friends, if have to go to building materials market or ceramic tile brand store to choose ceramic tile, it is not difficult to find a phenomenon, that is in addition to our common polishing brick, wood grain brick, antique brick, throw glaze brick and so on, there is a kind of super big ceramic tile out of the air, that is ceramic big board.
At last year's exhibition in Bologna, Italy, the ceramic plate was the most eye-catching product. Based on the particularity and novelty of the product, ceramic plate has naturally become the most shining trend star products in the ceramic tile industry in 2017.
Ceramic board in addition to "big", but also with other ceramic tile categories what is different?
A lot of people are most impressed by ceramic plate is "big", after all, the traditional ceramic tile size length and width are usually controlled within 800mm, more than 1000mm is still relatively few. However, the size of the ceramic plate is generally 900 × 1800mm, and the super ceramic plate of 1200mmX2400mm was launched later, which is several times the size of the ordinary ceramic tile.
Because of its large size, ceramic plate can better show the luxury atmosphere of stone, so it is more suitable for some hotels, large commercial space and other tooling. And in the tooling market, has its incomparable advantages. At present, there are more and more high-rise buildings of more than 100 meters in China, and these buildings have high requirements for load and fire prevention, and the ceramic plate just meets these two requirements. 1. Thin. Although traditional stone can be made to large sizes, ceramic slabs are much more volumetric and weighty than ceramic slabs of the same size, so ceramic slabs are easier to achieve in terms of reducing the load on a building.
2, fire prevention. Because the ceramic board is made of clay and other inorganic non-metal materials after high temperature firing, and the production technology requirements are very high, so its fire performance is far better than other traditional decorative panels, which is very important for public buildings.
Therefore, the comprehensive measurement of building load and fire performance in two aspects, ceramic plate is far better than the traditional stone and other decorative panels, so as to form a strong differentiated competitiveness in the tooling market. Combined with its own almost revert stone advanced decorative texture, so whether in high-end hotels, or in large commercial space, office space and other tooling space, are very popular.
Can't ceramic panels be used in home decor? The answer, of course, is no. Along with the improvement of people's quality of life and the change of aesthetic style, "big board" heat is also entering common home decoration quickly, rely on its contracted, atmospheric, seam less characteristics by stylist and consumer of all ages.
Because the natural coherent texture of the ceramic plate can give people a simple atmosphere, unified style, simple and fashionable visual feeling, which is very consistent with the trend of modern people's pursuit of minimalist life, so the application of paving in the big house space can be said to be quite appropriate, and it is easier to create a bright, low luxury home atmosphere.
And, if you want to change more in this atmosphere simplicity, you can cut the whole big board freely into smaller specifications, such as: 600X600mm, 600x1200mm, 600x2400mm, etc., and then through the different stitching ways, create a mix and match effect, so as to create more diverse space effect.
Besides the shop stick these common areas at metope, ground, ceramic big board still can decorate a lot of places in the home actually, for example the wash-hand stage in the home, tea table, ambry the mesa of the furniture such as furniture, compared with ordinary artificial stone mesa, its quality and performance are better undoubtedly.
In short, the appearance of the big board is gradually changing the appearance of the home, do you also want to have a try?